Bronx Zoo Identity Project
Pratt Institute, 2009
Winner, HOW Magazine International Logo Competition, 2010
2nd Place, American Design Awards Logo Design Category, Winter 2011

A branding project for the Bronx Zoo (student project). For the logo, I wanted to create something that would place the zoo in the Bronx, so I made the negative spaces between the giraffe legs into a view of skyline that you can see from a park in the Bronx. For the letterhead, I wanted to create something that would portray the feeling of walking into the zoo, surrounded by all of the sounds of zoo animals. The sounds on the flap of the envelope serve as a hint of what is to come when you open the envelope. I carried the interactive theme through to the packaging. A tasty treat completes the zebra on a box of goodies, and on the cups, endangered animals walk on grass made of words describing reasons for endangerment). The message of sustainability is carried into the postcards, which remind people that when we touch these animals, literally or figuratively, we affect them.