Wilkinson Barker Knauer 3D Holiday Card
Designed while at O2 Lab, 2012

With Robert McVearry art directing, I designed an infographic holiday card showcasing communications technology and energy statistics in a unique, vertical accordian-fold format. I co-illustrated the card, supplementing Shaw Nielsen's fantastic custom artwork with illustrations for the 3D glasses, for the front panel, and for the back of the card. The back illustrations put a modern spin on traditional fair-isle winter patterns; seasonal symbols become modern icons -- twitter birds with olive branches flank the Worldwide Web symbol, satellite dishes stand in for tolling bells, and wi-fi signals become evergreen trees.

This project included some interesting challenges, like taking a crash course in designing for anaglyph 3D image translation, and a related challenge - designing a holiday card without a lot of red, a color which interferes with 3D optics of this kind.